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Kelly Collins

kelly-fb-avitar.jpgAs a child, Kelly grew up in a rural area of Santa Rosa, CA.  It was during this time, that Kelly began his life-long association with nature and the plant world. Having a natural affinity for plants and flowers, and perhaps his Irish and Native American roots, he was inspired by nature and its beauty and has always felt a spiritual connection with the earth.  Watching plants grow and bloom and learning how to be a caregiver to life and nature has been enriching, as well as, rewarding for Kelly.


After moving to San Francisco to attend college and his subsequent 20 year career in corporate retail management, Kelly decided to scale back and simplify his life in order to re-connect again with nature.  Gardening and flower arranging came back naturally to his life and he is schooled in various plant and floral arrangement methods; including Sangetsu (under the umbrella of Japanese Ichebana floral arrangement).  Kelly has a keen eye for beauty and balance and an intrinsic ability to group plants and flowers together bearing in mind the unique needs of the plants chosen in his plant and floral displays.  He has been called upon to create floral arrangements for weddings, alters, and other private functions for friends and acquaintances.  Kelly also creates gardens, both ornamental and edible, and has participated in local landscape and gardening shows such as the annual Portola Garden Tours.  He is the lead gardener for the Johrei Center and has even turned his street into a beautiful display of plants and flowers with the help of his neighbors. 


It is with great pleasure that Kelly introduces his dish gardens for Roots. He mixes his own combination of soil enhancers using 100% organic hummus with Bokashi (EM mixed with rice hulls and oat bran), and then mixes 1 part sand to 2 parts soil mixture for succulents. His dish gardens all are lined with charcoal as there is no drainage (hence why they are called “dish” gardens). Many of Kelly’s creations come with small animals tucked into the design to create a more personal and fun way to interact with your garden. Move the animals around if you wish; see if people will notice! Each of the gardens are low-maintenance and come with a card which describes that garden’s unique water and light requirements to ensure your garden’s beauty and vitality for months to come. You merely choose the garden which appeals or speaks to you and place it in the environment which will help it to thrive naturally.